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Welcome to our website!


Hampstead Corporate

To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business. Hampstead Corporate offers turnkey corporate advisory EOS services to businesses and individuals throughout the world allowing you to realise your core vision.  

Hampstead Media

Hampstead Media offers convergent content creation solutions across all platforms, media production, broadcast production, international facilitations throughout the African continent, brand activation as well as the production of corporate and safety videos for large and small organisations. 

Hampstead Enterprises

Hampstead Enterprises exists to foster the development of new and exciting business pursuits such as the development of apps to facilitate content creation and gaming platforms. We're interested in investment, import and export opportunities, retail and the coffee trade. 


We're made of different stuff here at Hampstead International. We believe that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with our strategic, innovative and creative approach to business. We see through the ordinary and find the extraordinary. We like to walk the line, tread the edge of impossible, peer into the future. Today, tomorrow and the next day we will continue to invent, create and inspire. If you share our values, contact us. Let's have a cup of coffee, talk about the world and see how we can do business together.

Let us help you realise your vision!